Friday, February 5, 2010

Behold the power! 3 Wolf Tuscan Milk Moon

I tie-dyed the tshirt on the stove using iDye. This was the second batch. The black is really solid, the lighter part came out to be a nice grey.

I modified the original 3 wolves image and added a gallon of Tuscan milk. Did you know that's the same brand of milk they use on Iron Chef America?! haha

I then printed the image onto an opaque iron-on transfer from Dharma Trading. Those things are really good quality!

If you don't get the reference, here it is:
Three Wolf Moon Shirt -

The joke behind the milk is it was coming up as a recommended item or an item that customers who bought the shirt also bought. It is such a random and strange item to buy on Amazon that it has gotten almost as much attention as the shirt.

Here's the Tuscan Milk -

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obey the French Bulldog Tshirts

I found this cute image on the Internet and decided to put them on some blank Tshirts I had dyed. I used the opaque iron-on transfers from Dharma Trading. I use iDye (also purchased through Dharma) on the stove to dye the shirts. I used blank white tshirts I ordered wholesale through American Apparel. I get a dozen of a style in white, comes out to about $3-$5 a shirt depending on the style.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lenore socks for mom in vesper semi solid cherry red

Super crappy pic of the socks I made for my mom for Xmas. She really likes them. My gin bottle blue Vesper semi-solid doesn't seem like it's faded but her cherry red did. Maybe she washes them more often from wearing them so much... :)

Fingering weight socks for dad in Knit Picks Lily Pond knit picks stroll

Knitted these for my dad for xmas. Finished them in early Jan.

Childs French Sock in Frog Creek Fibers Icewine

This is the Child's French Sock from Nancy Bush's book Knitting Vintage Socks. She adapted the pattern to fit a woman's foot. It's a little tough to see the sock pattern due to the poor quality of the photo (and the awkward lighting). I'm doing it on 3 circular needles because there was no easy way to divide the pattern into 2 and I prefer circulars to double points.

The yarn is by a bunch of gals from Portland I met at the So Much Yarn knitting retreat last fall. These socks are being knitted in their Ebullient yarn in the Icewine colorway. They sell their yarn here -

Noro socks in 2 colorways

Noro socks in 2 colorways, originally uploaded by Auggy D'Auggy.

Started a pair of simple fingering weight socks using the Noro yarn I made my Old Shale scarf with. I love the colors and I have enough yarn leftover that I can easily make a pair of 7-8" socks. They won't match, but they'll be colorful!!