Monday, October 31, 2011


I did a bunch of simple DIY decorations for my house to entice trick or treaters! For the record I'm anti-candy so I handed out little toys I bought in bulk off from, little foam airplanes, LED rings, sticky hands, and some little stamper things.

To decorate my house, I cut a face out of cardboard and put it in the window. I painted the front black to cover the cardboard markings. I also drew faces on some gallon milk jugs and put LED candles inside for jug-o-lanterns ;) Finally I got a little spotlight from Home Depot and put a blacklight bulb in it. I shone that on a couple of tshirts draped over a couple of garden globe lights! I drew eyes on my ghosts with a washable fabric pen so the tshirts aren't totally ruined.

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