Friday, November 27, 2009

Harney and Sons Tea!

Ok so this post isn't really "crafty" related other than I was introduced to this wonderful brand of tea at a knitting retreat. The brand of tea is Harney and Sons. My mom and I bought tins of a few different flavors, including Paris, Black Current, and Decaf Midsummer's Peach. The tea comes loose or in silk sachets. Well, Nick really liked the Paris tea and we managed to finish it! I went to the Harney and Sons website to order more and they sure have a lot of teas!! Besides loose tea and sachets, they have sample packets, small tins, and sampler variety boxes. I have been stalking our order ever since I placed it. We were supposed to get it Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, but it was delayed, so we didn't get it until today. Totally worth the wait. Anyways, so here's the lewtz (not pictured -- a one pound bag of Paris):

Brown Teapot!, originally uploaded by Auggy D'Auggy.

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